Our bean-to-bar process is unique, taking great care in every step of the recipe. Always respecting the traditional method. From cacao bean to chocolate bar. That’s why it’s so complicated.

From the cocoa bean
to the chocolate bar.

The first and most important step is finding the cacao. We search for limited production, one-of-a-kind cacao. The origin and quality of the cacao make our chocolate both exclusive and delicious.
To get the cacao, we personally select farms that grow the varieties we’re most interested in. Nicaragua, Madagascar, Tanzania… no matter how far away or hard to reach. We go wherever we find the most exclusive beans.

We deal directly with the farm owners, people who have the same passion for cacao we do. We oversee how they care for the plantation and the beans. Each journey is a learning experience.

When the sacks of cacao arrive at our workshop in Barcelona,
we carefully select only the highest quality beans.

Then comes another essential step in the process: roasting. We use the most advanced technology and machinery on the market to achieve an exceptional roast.
Slow, even roasting helps preserve and enhance all the sensory characteristics of the cacao.

Once the cacao has reached just the right level of toasting, our expert chocolatiers remove the husk from the cacao (nibs).
These nibs have all the flavour and aroma of the freshly roasted cacao that we’re looking for. The true, unique flavour of cacao.

For the next step, we pour our freshly husked nibs in a grinder where they are turned into fine powder.
Thanks to the pressure and speed of the machine, The nibs release the cocoa butter, which  together with the powder turns the mix into creamy chocolate.

We now reach a vital part of the process. In order to achieve the glossy finish and the crunchy texture that we love, we temper the chocolate.
We control its temperature while constantly working with it. Once the chocolate has reached the texture and the appearence we’re looking for,
we pour it in the molds that will shape our chocolate bars and finally we let it cool.

The chocolate is ready to be eaten. Now we just have to carefully wrap and pack the result of this delicious process: our Bean to Bar chocolate bars.


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