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India 70% cocoa

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India 70% cocoa

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GoGround is a small cocoa post-harvesting unit and a supplier of high quality and fine dried cocoa beans to artisan bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Sourcing fresh cocoa beans directly from the farmers the company engages into long-term collaborations with farmers to give them the opportunity to gain an attractive source of income, by respecting social and environmental conditions and agriculture diversification. GoGround is driven by quality and understands the importance of the fermentation and drying process in order to develop the full potential of the beans.

Tasting notes: Earthy, raisins, cherry, nutty, honey.

Only avaiable in the E.U. market, for North America purchasing please contact


Allergens: May contain traces of milk and nuts.

Ingredients: Cocoa paste, sugar. Cocoa: 70% minimum.


Energy value 2333Kj/561kcal, Fats 39.2g, of which saturated fatty acids 24.8g, Carbohydrates 37.4g, of which sugars 27.1g, Proteins 10.8g, Salt 0.01g.

  • India

    Based in the Idukki Hills of the south Indian state of Kerala.