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Vietnam 70% cocoa

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Vietnam 70% cocoa

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Cacao in Vietnam started being cultivated on a more professional level in the 21st century. Anh Em Cacao Co. was founded by Truong Minh Thang and Nguyen Duy Thong, who share a passion for cacao and chocolate. After realizing that the quality of the cocoa produced in Dak Lak could be improved, they did research to optimize its flavour potential. This cocoa would become the basis for some of the award winning chocolate Truong and Nguyen started to produce through their brand Tbros.

Tasting notes: Fig, star anise, caramel, grape, nutty, low acidity.

Only avaiable in the E.U. market, for North America purchasing please contact


Allergens: May contain traces of milk and nuts.

Ingredients: Cocoa paste, sugar
Cocoa: 100% minimum.


Energy value 2429/585 Kj/kcal, Fats 42,4g, of which saturated fatty acids 27,2g, Carbohydrates 38,0g, of which sugars 32,3g, Proteins 9,3g, Salt 0.01g.

  • Dak Lak Province, Central Highlands, Vietnam

    Even though cacao was introduced to Vietnam in the late 1800’s, it wasn’t until the 21st century that it started to be cultivated on a more professional level. Cocoa is currently grown in Vietnam by more than 12,000 farmers who typically cultivate on plots of 1 to 3 hectares. Coconut and fruit trees such as pomelo, banana and longan are also grown on the plots.